Remdesivir (1st June 2021)

Tocilizumab (24th May 2021)

Ivermectin (15th May 2021)

The Covid Management Guidelines India Group is a collection of senior expert clinicians, academics and methodologists in reputed institutions nationally, led by the Christian Medical College Vellore in partnership with the Clinical Infectious Diseases Society of India (CIDS). We are supported by methodologists at the Prof BV Moses Centre for Evidence Informed Healthcare and the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group.

We are using a rigorous evidence-based approach to make guidelines to support clinicians managing patients with COVID-19 in secondary and tertiary care settings in India. Prioritised management interventions are each subjected to systematic evidence review, followed by application of GRADE methodology by experts in the field to appraise the evidence and interpret the intervention’s place in an Indian context. As each recommendation or clinical practice guideline is ready, it will appear on this website in a modular fashion, enabling immediate use by clinicians.